About UP

The Up! Downley Festival has been running since 2014. It grew out of the Village Art Show and has gained impetus every year since. Bringing all of the Festival events together under the one ‘banner’ helps promote our clubs and groups and raises awareness – hopefully encouraging people to explore their community in more depth and to maybe get involved themselves. The key events are organised by groups of volunteers. For example the Downley Day committee are responsible for delivering both Downley Day and Concert on the Common – the two original events that form the basis of the Festival. The Festival committee deliver the Comedy Night, Oompah Band, Art Show and the new Downley Showcase as well as pulling the Festival timetable together and providing the publicity for the event as a whole. Meanwhile the Memorial Hall committee encourage us to get out around the village by organising the Open Gardens. Other organisers include Downley Dynamos, Downley Descants, St James Church etc. and individuals such as John Willson, who shares his in-depth knowledge of the very special Common environment with us all. The Showcase will involve the groups and societies mentioned above, and others are encouraged to take part including WIs, Scouts and Cubs, Beer & Wine Club etc. plus those offering activities around health and well-being to the community. The purpose of holding the Up! Downley Festival is to raise awareness of the diversity of activity in our community, encourage participation and to raise funds which are donated to local causes, and effectively invested back into our community for the benefit of those that live here.

Up! Downley Festival Aim

To facilitate, coordinate and promote community events within the area of Downley, at specified times of the year and to be known as the Downley Festival, for the benefit of the local community.