About Us

Now in its 5th year and going strong, we made some adjustments and rolled with the punches but we are still here and getting the festival ready.

UP Festival started as a small village event that mixed local interest with art and comedy. We have changed things over the years and had to at one point go online only. Trying times at best but it made us stronger. We try to get as many event into the usual 3 week period, however due to COVID we have had to this the events down to some key dates. Next year we are hoping to move back to the usual dates and have a larger selection to offer.

Our team of committee members and event organisers are all volunteers and giving their time for free, the events they put together require time and energy and we are always looking for people with a bit of both to help out. If you you would like to get involved in some way, please let us know.

Up Downley Festival Scarecrow

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